September 8

Are we becoming a cashless society?

Australians are edging towards a cashless society, as consumers use debit cards or other electronic payment methods in preference to cash at the checkout and online. But whether we will entirely shun notes and coins in the future is not certain. For one thing, cash has its benefits. It’s easier for small transactions such as.

August 29

Weighing up the cost of aged care

American crooner Frank Sinatra may have sung about a few regrets in his classic My Way, but his lyrics also boasted that he “planned each charted course, each careful step along the byway” of life. Regardless of whether Ol’ Blue Eyes’ choices were wise or not, the song’s message should resonate with anyone wishing to.

August 25

Top destinations to make your dollar travel further

A falling Australian dollar may mean that overseas travel becomes more expensive, but just how much difference does it really make to your travel plans? If the dollar were still at parity against the greenback then a trip to the US would match dollar for dollar. At current levels of exchange in the low US90.

August 22

The Australian Dollar: Where to next?

Dr Shane Oliver (Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist, AMP Capital) Following its dramatic change of fortune in 2013, the Australian dollar has hovered in the US$0.87-0.95 range since the beginning of 2014, but where is it heading from here? Broadly speaking, the Australian dollar is seen as overvalued and is expected to depreciate.However, the.

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