October 8

Myths around Global Listed Infrastructure

Dr Tim Humphreys (Head of Global Listed Infrastructure, AMP Capital) This month we debunk some of the common myths surrounding global listed infrastructure – an asset class which is becoming an increasingly important component of a well-diversified portfolio. Myth 1: Infrastructure is a boring old ‘economy style’ investment Nothing could be further from the truth..

September 29

Australian relationships

When it comes to analysing the state of Australian relationships, you can forget the bedroom. The really revealing behaviour takes place behind closed bank accounts. It is no secret that money is often at the heart of divorce and family disputes. Money has certainly not bought love for Australia’s richest person, Gina Rinehart who is.

September 15

To sell or not to sell?

For many Australians, the family home is their largest asset. And if you’re planning to wind down from work, you may be considering what you’ll do with yours. Like many people, you may have worked for a lifetime to build the value you hold in your family home. While selling your home may not be.

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